Olive Wood Kitchen

Empowering Olive Wood, Hand-Crafted Piece

With the holiest olive wood of Bethlehem, and by the hands of the most skilled of craftsmen, this Eagle was created.
A high-edge, sophesticated piece that confer power, prestigue, and holidness on the space, to reflect your inner power and identity. click here for more

Luxurious Boxes of Mother of Pearl

This luxurious handmade set of ogtanical boxes is made of mother of pearl in four different sizes and beautifully carved botanical patterns, with a royal red velvet interior.

The shells of which these boxes made are especially collected mollusks such as the green snail, the nautilus and sea-ear. They design hold a touch of the Palestinian hertige and history.

Saturated with the beauty and holiness of Palestine, these can be the piece of decoration that will upgrade your dressers or home interior. You can use them as a unique jewelry box for your most valuable items

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