About us

The story goes deep into history, as old as the concept of Palestine, carrying along all the prophets who passed through it, all the civilizations that were built on it, and all the battles that took place on the ground of it. This exceptional history has made Palestine the epicenter of the world and the north of the spiritual campus. This history has manifested itself in a fashionable spirit that pervades the Land of Palestine and infuses Palestinians and Palestinians with a divine essence.

Throughout this course of time, Palestinians have externalized this heavenly energy in all kinds of holy flesh; they have dedicated the hidden gems of the blessed land to incarnate the idea of Palestine and the experience of being Palestinian. They borrowed inspiration from their ultimate figure of beauty and glory, the Dome of the Rock. The finished product turn out to the be finest of art in pieces that speak their Palestinians' core values of heritage, aesthetics, resistance, legacy, connection, authenticity, durability, and diversity. These pieces are the Palestinians' gift to the world; they send glimpses of the Holy Land and a whiff of its history with every piece they make.

These pieces are now meant to travel the world, invading the cores of all places and people, to make the Palestinian spirit and the golden spectacle persistent within them all. These pieces should keep Palestine in homes, on walls, on food tables, and forever in the memories.

For all longing souls, who dream of experiencing the heavenly joy of Palestine, yet the dream is unreached, these pieces will be the comfort. Let these pieces emanate this energy; incorporate them into your décor and daily life; send your loved ones some of this glory in the form of unprecedented, full-of-meaning gifts; and introduce your surrounding community to how Palestine feels and looks. Be an active participant in keeping Palestinians connected to and visible in the outside world.