Names of Allah Octagon Pearl Wall Art

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(وَلِلّهِ الأَسْمَاء الْحُسْنَى فَادْعُوهُ بِهَا وَذَرُواْ الَّذِينَ يُلْحِدُونَ فِي أَسْمَآئِهِ سَيُجْزَوْنَ مَا كَانُواْ يَعْمَلُونَ)

And (all) the Most Beautiful Names belong to Allah, so call on Him by them, and leave the company of those who belie His Names. They will be requited for what they used to do.

An amazing octagon-shaped decoration made of mother of pear. It has god's 99 names in Arabic along with the name Allah at top. 

This special piece, handmade with special materials and unique artistic details, is the ideal wall decoration to be adds the Muslim modern households to reflect identity along with beauty. It's also a very suitable gift for Islamic occasions and events. 

  • Size : 20 cm * 20 cm 
  • Weight : 0.4 kg