2 Hand-Carved Olive Wood Bowls

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Bring the nature olive wooden bowls set into your kitchen. Each one of these serving bowl is made from durable olive wood and is perfect for casual, everyday dining and it can be used as  decorative bowls as well !
Not only these bowls are special and unique, but they are also high in quality and healthiness. They don't smell or stain, they are non-tocix, and they are eco-friendly. 
Add a touch of nature, uniqueness, and beauty to your food-tables or make it your next exclusive gift to your mother, wife, or any nature enthusiast. 


  • Please note that no handmade hand carved products are identical, in shape or size and color especially olive wood products due differences in wood tone and grain. Therefore the item you order might not be exactly as the picture.
  • Weight : 3 kg